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White Papers & Research for Retail & Consumer

Supply Chain Visiblity: The Unfilled Promise?
This white paper from AEB (International) Ltd covers procurement, customer satisfaction, inventory management, supply chain cost and risk management.

Protecting & Growing Sales in a Multi-Channel World
As businesses increasingly implement technology that changes the ways in which they interface with consumers, one issue resonates with them more than any other:

Multichannel and the nimble retailer
A paper by Thomas Eggar's retail team exploring how retail can embrace the shifting challenges of multichannel and stay relevant to the customer

Not saying No doesnt mean yes
Mergers and acquisitions are a popular vehicle for growth, and while in theory 1 + 1 = 3 sounds great, in practice it isn’t that easy. Experts estimate that roughly two-thirds of mergers disappoint, rarely delivering highly anticipated synergies.

Transforming the customer experience in non-store Retail
With competition for consumer’s wallets seeming to increase daily, combined with the diminishing availability of credit, the high street remains a highly challenging environment in which to do business. To make matters worse, consumer expectations regarding the convergence between store, phone and web channels are at an all time high. Here, Vertex outlines how to address a number of issues which will not only transform the customer experience, but also result in increased operational efficiencies.