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White Papers & Research for Procurement

Procurement Transparency: A challenge or an opportunity?
B2B procurement is on the verge of a large shift, with outsourcing buyers expecting more and more transparency from their service providers. Here Mtivity explains how cloud-based engines, such as Opportune, can make transparency possible on a whole new level.

Supply Chain Visiblity: The Unfilled Promise?
This white paper from AEB (International) Ltd covers procurement, customer satisfaction, inventory management, supply chain cost and risk management.

State of Relations in Outsourcing
A MooD International Report looking at the state of relations in outsourcing between suppliers and clients for some of the UK's largest companies.

Xchanging: Seat At The Top Table
In this paper the authors, who have personal experience of working at board level as executive and non-executive directors, discuss how procurement professionals can position themselves best to work at the highest levels of organisations. In most cases, this will mean at business unit, divisional or operating board levels. Click here to access the latest research from Xchanging.

Around the world- around the clock
Driven by demands in the outsourcing environment to offer a high quality and low cost English language alternative to those established offshore locations such as India and the Philippines, Mindpearl broke with convention and opened an outsourced international contact centre in Suva, the capital city of the Fiji Islands.

Guide to procurement from JCP: a guide to improving delivery capability
A government whitepaper focusing on a collaborative procurement process with Thames Water and JCP

Transforming Corporate Actions Processing
As businesses expand into new geographies in search of growth, the volume of corporate actions are growing exponentially.

Making the shift to the next generation enterprise
Business leaders are accustomed to “change as a constant.”But even the most savvy and experienced among them have never faced the slew of disruptive changes that are commonplace in today’s new business order.

Harnessing big data to mend our broken economy
Big data has been a big buzzword for some time now. Mobile communications, in particular, have played a monumental role in generating high volumes of both private and public data.

Not saying No doesnt mean yes
Mergers and acquisitions are a popular vehicle for growth, and while in theory 1 + 1 = 3 sounds great, in practice it isn’t that easy. Experts estimate that roughly two-thirds of mergers disappoint, rarely delivering highly anticipated synergies.