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White Papers & Research for Offshoring

Around the world- around the clock
Driven by demands in the outsourcing environment to offer a high quality and low cost English language alternative to those established offshore locations such as India and the Philippines, Mindpearl broke with convention and opened an outsourced international contact centre in Suva, the capital city of the Fiji Islands.

Transforming Corporate Actions Processing
As businesses expand into new geographies in search of growth, the volume of corporate actions are growing exponentially.

Top reason to outsource to the Philippines
Up until two years ago, India had been the world’s biggest BPO provider. However, since the very first calls were taken there in 1997, there has been an extraordinary rise in popularity of the Philippines as a BPO destination (Economist, 2012). It has become one of the country’s most dynamic industries and is now the Philippines’ second largest contributor to GDP after overseas foreign workers and their remittance.

Enterprise strategy and offshoring research
Projected slowdown in services offshoring after 2014 poses challenge to India and other low-cost destinations

Risky Business? Evaluating and managing risk in outsourcing
Mike Rebeiro and Radford Goodman of Norton Rose LLP review some of the key risks on outsourcing, and how businesses can address and manage such risks.