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White Papers & Research for ITO

Segmented Monitoring of 100Gbps data containing CDN Video
The growth in internet traffic caused by increasing use of high bandwidth services including video causes problems for systems - how can this issue be solved?

Rising to the New Security Challenge - Data Integration
Providing secure communication and protecting data are among the biggest challenges that service providers can face. Here Xchanging talk on how to build an outside-in, inside-out security strategy.

Outsourcing: Transformed by the Digital Revolution
A white paper by Ember looking at the behaviours needed to accelerate the adoption and growth of new digital channels within the outsourced environment.

The ‘Now’ Generation & the Customer Communications Gap
Today's consumers expect everything now. This has huge implications for the way organisations respond to their needs. These high service expectations are likely to have been set by interactions with online retailers such as Amazon, searches on Google, or the slick shopping experience found at the local Apple store.

On-demand, cloud and SaaS companies uptime study
Nowadays, internet companies and their associated customers are increasingly relying on the Cloud for their services. This obviously has many advantages. However, there are also a few very serious downsides of providing and using software, infrastructures and services from the cloud.

Social Media for Utilities
This white paper seeks to demystify the progress that forward-thinking utilities have made in using social media to more effectively engage with their customers. This paper offers a holistic perspective on social media strategy development, customer sentiment analysis, tactical execution and monitoring, and integration with enterprise customer relationship management.

Bending the Curves
The global banking and financial services industry is facing unprecedented, even historic challenges. With customer and regulatory demands soaring while revenues lateau,financial services enterprises cannot just tinker with existing processes.

Making the shift to the next generation enterprise
Business leaders are accustomed to “change as a constant.”But even the most savvy and experienced among them have never faced the slew of disruptive changes that are commonplace in today’s new business order.

Innovations in MDM Implementation: Success via a Boxed Approach
Pre-built processes, data models and best practices out of the box can go a long way toward mitigating the risks associated with MDM projects.

Harnessing big data to mend our broken economy
Big data has been a big buzzword for some time now. Mobile communications, in particular, have played a monumental role in generating high volumes of both private and public data.

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