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White Papers & Research for Cloud Computing

Segmented Monitoring of 100Gbps data containing CDN Video
The growth in internet traffic caused by increasing use of high bandwidth services including video causes problems for systems - how can this issue be solved?

Cloud Bound
Advice from organisations in outsourcing relationships - IBM Centre for Applied Insights, October 2014

Embracing the Cloud to Make Risk Reporting More Efficient
The rise of social, mobile, analytics and cloud computing – or the SMAC Stack™ — means banks must adopt a new game plan to properly manage risks across their operations.

Outsourcing: Transformed by the Digital Revolution
A white paper by Ember looking at the behaviours needed to accelerate the adoption and growth of new digital channels within the outsourced environment.

On-demand, cloud and SaaS companies uptime study
Nowadays, internet companies and their associated customers are increasingly relying on the Cloud for their services. This obviously has many advantages. However, there are also a few very serious downsides of providing and using software, infrastructures and services from the cloud.

Transforming Corporate Actions Processing
As businesses expand into new geographies in search of growth, the volume of corporate actions are growing exponentially.