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Transforming the customer experience in non-store Retail
With competition for consumer’s wallets seeming to increase daily, combined with the diminishing availability of credit, the high street remains a highly challenging environment in which to do business. To make matters worse, consumer expectations regarding the convergence between store, phone and web channels are at an all time high. Here, Vertex outlines how to address a number of issues which will not only transform the customer experience, but also result in increased operational efficiencies.

Implementing The Race to the Top: Government response to Lord Sainsbury review
In “The Race to the Top: A Review of Government’s Science and Innovation Policies”, Lord Sainsbury set out a challenging agenda. This document sets out the progress the Government has already made in delivering the recommendations of the Review.

Innovation Nation – White paper from Department of Innovation, Universities and Skills
We want to create an Innovation Nation because Britain can only prosper in a globalised economy if we unlock the talents of all of our people. We want innovation to flourish across every area of the economy and, in particular, wherever high value added businesses can flourish and grow. We must innovate in our public services too. Innovation is as important to the delivery of healthcare and education as it is to industries such as manufacturing, retail and the creative economy.

Infrastructure as a service - Fujitsu
Providing infrastructure as a catalogue of services attacks expensive duplication and complexity in the technology base, cuts the time to deploy new or changed business processes and drives down costs. The approach is well-proven at the applications level and is readily applicable to infrastructure.

Global Sourcing Trends in 2008 - Morrison and Forrester
Morrison & Foerster’s view on the state of the global outsourcing market and their lawyers’ experience with a wide range of sourcing projects in a number of geographic and sectoral markets.

Procurement Outsourcing - Everest
The value proposition of procurment outsourcing is centred around spend related savings and not labour arbitrage. Consequently the degree of offshoring in PO contracts is onyl around 25% - less than half of the typical offshore component in other outsourcing markets like F+A outsourcing.

Human resources outsourcing - Everest
The ten-year-old multi-process global HRO market grew over the yearts to reach approximately $2.85bn in 2007. However, the rate of growth has slowed in the last two years and market dynamics are changing with buyers lookin for specific benefits through HRO and suppliers refining their strategies to effectively meet their clients needs at a profitbale cost.

Lift plus Transform - Hackett Enterprise Strategy
The strategic alternatives for business process globalization (BPG) range from “lifting and shifting” to “transforming and shifting.” Across the G&A functions the former scenario represents a total cost savings value of $116.2 million for a Fortune 500 company, whereas “transform and shift” delivers $182.2 million.

Understanding Global Sourcing Services - Infosys
Global sourcing differs from internally developed and operated services. Global sourcing requires working with third-party organisations that operate in different cultural norms, and often, at a different organisational level. All these complexities must be managed in ways consistent with business objectives.

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