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Opinion Pieces for Public sector

Out with the new and in with the old?
by Robert Davies, Partner, and Laura Jamieson, Solicitor, at national law firm Dundas & Wilson
Cast your mind back to before 2006 and consider this question: when does TUPE apply upon a change of contractor in relation to outsourcing contracts, in other words before the service provision change (SPC) elements of the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006 (TUPE) were introduced?

Why do shared services fail?
by Pete Canavan, Head of Support Services at Plan-Net plc
There are a plethora of reasons why Shared Service models fail. However, understanding the key reasoning should help an organisation navigate what is often thought of as a painful and costly process. It is this thought which often persuades organisations to steer clear of 3rd party suppliers and adopt or continue with more costly and less efficient models.

Sympathy and security
by Will Glendinning, Founder and Director of event consultants and project managers, Allium Opus.
A number of people have asked whether I have any sympathy for G4S given the current security shenanigans at the London Olympics? Some – yes. And for others too.

Maintenance, repair & overhaul spares management – The business case for outsourcing
by Ian Ritchie, Managing Director, Brammer UK
The purchasing and management of spares for the daily operation, maintenance and repair of production equipment is often a complex, time- and resource-consuming issue, but remains critical to maintaining production continuity and avoiding downtime.

Outsourcing For Grown Ups: Why You Should Invest In Professionalisation.
by Martyn Hart
When was the last time you heard someone - a child, a student, a young professional, someone wanting a career change – say that they wanted to become an outsourcer? Let me guess… never? Outsourcing is never short of column inches, is discussed in cabinet meetings, is seemingly permanently in the limelight, yet no-one grows up wanting to be an outsourcer. Outsourcing’s ascension to the status of accountancy, law, medicine – a proper, ‘professional’ profession – is long overdue.

Creating value in F&A outsourcing
by By Ferenc Szelenyi, VP EMEA, Public Sector Services, Dell Services
Ferenc Szelenyi of Dell Services explains how to build value through F&A outsourcing rather than just cutting costs

How will the General Election impact on IT outsourcing services?
by Ferenc Szelenyi, managing director EMEA, Dell Perot Systems
As the UK General Election looms large, Ferenc Szelenyi assesses the role of IT in outsourcing for the public sector agenda.

Government commercial resources: is a surge needed?
by David Cole of international law firm Pinsent Masons
David Cole of Pinsent Masons, says that limiting spending on commercial resource can be a false economy in public sector sourcing.

Best practice in offshore data security
by Jed Mooney, MD of Datahold
Best practice in offshore data security is not that difficult to achieve, says Jed Mooney. And his advice on how to achieve it suggests that onshore, public sector data security in the UK is woefully inadequate.