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Opinion Pieces for Procurement

Make global sourcing work for you
by Liz Samandi, Managing Director of global sourcing company Darian
Liz Samandi of sourcing company Darian looks at how global sourcing can help British industry on the road to recovery.

How to choose an outsourced HR supplier
by Sharon Crooks, HR Services Director, plusHR
HR is rarely a priority for a business start-up. As an entrepreneur, the focus is getting your great idea off the ground and then building the company. While you may be a manageable two-man band today, your HR requirements will be small and occasional, but as you grow and recruit more people there will come a point when you need to bring in some more regular HR expertise to manage this growth effectively.

The product life cycle is in decline
by Karsten Horn, director of international sales at INFORM
One of the most profound changes in the last decade is the dramatic shrinkage of product life cycles which bear little resemblance to the world today which is defined by instant obsolescence.

Why do shared services fail?
by Pete Canavan, Head of Support Services at Plan-Net plc
There are a plethora of reasons why Shared Service models fail. However, understanding the key reasoning should help an organisation navigate what is often thought of as a painful and costly process. It is this thought which often persuades organisations to steer clear of 3rd party suppliers and adopt or continue with more costly and less efficient models.

What return can video offer a business?
by Ian Brownhill, Managing Director and Senior Consultant, BergHind Joseph
The internet age has made information a commodity and bred a new, savvier type of consumer who has access to a wealth of material.

The need for Special Source
by Daniel Ball, Director, Wax Digital
According to the Deloitte CFO Survey of January 2012, 70% of the UK’s CFOs expect to see corporate profit margins decline sharply after a period of strength. Inevitably, the ability to reduce operating costs is cited in the report as the major priority for large corporations.

How SMEs are turning to the web for their outsourcing needs
by By Kjetil J. Olsen, VP of Europe, Elance
Outsourcing has long been an option for large companies to subcontract work. But the creation of web-based platforms like Elance has brought outsourcing to smaller companies.

Sympathy and security
by Will Glendinning, Founder and Director of event consultants and project managers, Allium Opus.
A number of people have asked whether I have any sympathy for G4S given the current security shenanigans at the London Olympics? Some – yes. And for others too.

Technology sets the tone
by Mandy Watson, Sales Team Manager at Imperial Civil Enforcement Solutions
Mandy Watson of Imperial Civil Enforcement Solutions says the process of procurement will determine the practicalities of delivering service efficiencies and savings

Improving the chance of outsourcing success
by By Ian Martin, director of change and project management consultancy myProteus
With the acceleration in both commissioning and outsourcing, the public and private sectors alike are becoming increasingly reliant on third-party suppliers to effectively operate.

Procurement Innovation Can Drive Productivity Gains
by William Gindlesperger, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, e-LYNXX Corporation
Innovation is required if the United States is to regain the level of productivity that it enjoyed toward the end of the 19th Century through the mid-20th Century. However, innovation by itself is not enough. Just as our parents and grandparents adopted electricity, the automobile, credit cards and airplanes in the period from 1870-1950, businesses and organizations of the 21st Century must embrace change.

Five Game-Changing Rules for Vested Outsourcing
by Kate Vitasek and Mike Ledyard of Supply Chain Visions
In this article, Kate Vitasek, author of a new book, 'Vested Outsourcing: Five Rules That Will Change Outsourcing', and her colleague Mike Ledyard, describe a new approach to outsourcing that they believe will provide maximum mutual benefit in client/provider relationships.