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Opinion Pieces for Offshoring

Global Trade Management: What are the key trends in 2016?
by Phil Lavin, Sales Manager, AEB (International)
In today’s fast moving world, short delivery times are a vital competitive advantage, but also a challenge. That’s the conclusion of the Global Trade Management Agenda 2016, a study that assesses key trends in global trade and logistics. In addition, the study also looked at the issue of collaboration in the supply chain, with interesting findings on success factors, challenges, and the status quo.

Global trade shifts in Asia: Logistics challenges in Indonesia
by Claire Umney, General Manager, AEB (International) Ltd
Global trade is never at a standstill, and to stay competitive in today’s challenging markets with ever increasing consumer demands, all regions and industry sectors need to be on their toes at all times...

UK outsourcing to benefit from China stock market woes
by Tom Mulvaney, Managing Director, Networks First
After a rapid decline in China's rate of economic growth and value on the Chinese stock market, global growth will be weaker than expected for the foreseeable future. However, UK outsourcers and service providers alike could benefit - Tom Mulvaney explains how.

Strong cultural ties behind growth in outsourcing between Britain and Sri Lanka
by James Bruce, Outsourcing Consultant, Envoy Holdings
From its colonial history to its current outsourcing prowess, James Bruce takes a look at Sri Lanka's development as an offshoring destination, as well as how the country's long term ties with Britain have assisted in its impressive development.

Outsource in the UK – better for the economy, better for the client
by Maxine Park, Director and co-founder of UK-based transcription service provider DictateNow.
Outsourcing business processes abroad remains popular, with the promise of huge cost savings still attracting many advocates. With the Government recently stating that rather than restricting outsourcing, it is to encourage service providers to set up delivery centres in the UK, perhaps now the scales are beginning to tip the UK's way.

Selecting Staff for Intercultural Teams
by By Jeff Toms, Marketing and Client Services Director, Farnham Castle
The successful international manager needs to have developed the competencies and personal attributes necessary to allow him or her to work effectively in an international and cross-cultural environment.

The value of BPO in a tough economy
by Nigel Edwards, VP and European head of Cognizant’s BPO practice
By applying tighter scrutiny to investments and looking for immediate return, companies be fully ready for the upturn, says Nigel Edwards of Cognizant.

How will the General Election impact on IT outsourcing services?
by Ferenc Szelenyi, managing director EMEA, Dell Perot Systems
As the UK General Election looms large, Ferenc Szelenyi assesses the role of IT in outsourcing for the public sector agenda.

The end of ‘quick win’ outsourcing
by Daniel Naoum, co-founder, Valueshore
Daniel Naoum, co-founder of Valueshore, says that sourcing success going forward will not be based on cost-focused relationships

The age of uSwitch
by Sandeep Aggarwal, Executive Vice President of Intelenet Global Services, India’s second largest BPO provider
Sandeep Aggarwal, Executive Vice President of Intelenet Global Services, India’s second largest BPO provider, tells us why companies need to focus on retaining customers as much as luring new ones.

The key to a successful multisourcing strategy
by Dr Roger Newman, UK head of manufacturing and digital convergence relationship management Mahindra Satyam
Dr Roger Newman of Mahindra Satyam, tells us why multisourcing is taking off and how to get it right.

Offshore outsourcing for small and mid-sized companies
by Nick Rowley, Managing Director of Oceanus
Nick Rowley says offshore outsourcing is no longer just the preserve of the big guys. Now SMEs can get in on the action.

Asia – turning the tables on the conventional wisdom of outsourcing
by Harry McDermott, CEO Hudson & Yorke Ltd
Harry McDermott tells vendors and consultants in the West to look out for new agile competition from the far east.

The Nearshoring Bug: Why it’s Catching
by Jaroslaw Czaja, Chief Executive of Future Processing
Jaroslaw Czaja explains why he thinks the value of offshore outsourcing is eroding.