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Opinion Pieces for Mergers & Acquisitions

How will Sainsbury’s and Argos reconcile their sourcing differences?
by Eleanor Winn, Managing Director, Alsbridge
As the Sainsbury’s / Argos deal nears possible completion, Eleanor Winn, managing director of outsourcing specialists Alsbridge looks at how two distinct strategies and sourcing arrangements can co-exist and where this ultimately leaves the benefits of an acquisition.

Why do shared services fail?
by Pete Canavan, Head of Support Services at Plan-Net plc
There are a plethora of reasons why Shared Service models fail. However, understanding the key reasoning should help an organisation navigate what is often thought of as a painful and costly process. It is this thought which often persuades organisations to steer clear of 3rd party suppliers and adopt or continue with more costly and less efficient models.

Improving the chance of outsourcing success
by By Ian Martin, director of change and project management consultancy myProteus
With the acceleration in both commissioning and outsourcing, the public and private sectors alike are becoming increasingly reliant on third-party suppliers to effectively operate.

The perils of harmonising terms and condition of employment following a TUPE transfer
by Tim Wright, Partner and Amina Adam, Senior Associate, of the Global Sourcing practice group at law firm Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw
Enterprises that undertake serial M&A or outsourcing activity can find themselves with a diverse workforce with differences in pay and other terms and conditions of employment applying to different categories of employees across the business. This can lead to inefficiencies such as the cost of administering different benefit plans as well as dissatisfaction amongst groups of employees who consider themselves to be, rightly or wrongly, worse off than their colleagues. For this reason, we are often asked to help with developing and implementing plans designed to harmonise terms and conditions of employment across a client's business.