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Artificial intelligence and robotics: Separating reality from the hype
by Andrew Burgess, Consulting Director, Symphony Ventures
By now, almost everybody is familiar with the two most prominent technologies expected to be game-changing to outsourcing: robotic process automation and artificial intelligence. However, with all of the excitement surrounding these innovations, it's easy to get caught up in the hype and led away from the truth. Here Andrew Burgess, NOA Council member and automation expert, separates the wheat from the chaff, and explains what we can really expect from RPA and AI in the coming decades.

The Future of Cognitive Robotic Process Automation
by Arun Kumar Melkote, Global Head of Strategy, Change Initiatives and Marketing, Testing Services, Wipro Ltd
What do you get when you combine robotic process automation (RPA), data science and cognitive methods? That's where cognitive robotic automation (CRPA) comes into play, with the potential to revolutionise testing and other services across a whole host of industries. Here Arun Kumar Melkote from Wipro explains the exciting impact CRPA could have in the future.

Don’t Panic!
by Nick Patience, Director of Product Strategy at Recommind
Nick Patience, explains the issues surrounding the disposal of information and the consequences businesses will face if they do not have a comprehensive information governance policy in place

Outsource in the UK – better for the economy, better for the client
by Maxine Park, Director and co-founder of UK-based transcription service provider DictateNow.
Outsourcing business processes abroad remains popular, with the promise of huge cost savings still attracting many advocates. With the Government recently stating that rather than restricting outsourcing, it is to encourage service providers to set up delivery centres in the UK, perhaps now the scales are beginning to tip the UK's way.

The product life cycle is in decline
by Karsten Horn, director of international sales at INFORM
One of the most profound changes in the last decade is the dramatic shrinkage of product life cycles which bear little resemblance to the world today which is defined by instant obsolescence.

The Potential of the Cloud to invent and reinvent business
by Dr. Anurag Srivastava, Chief Technology Officer & Senior Vice President for Wipro's Global IT Business
The Cloud is not just the new way to manage data and costs and promote greater internal and external collaboration but is also the opportunity to reinvent brands and business models, with huge potential benefits – upstream and downstream.

Tags replace barcodes to transform asset management
by Karen Conneely, Group Commercial Manager at Real Asset Management.
With growing pressure in the public and private sector for improved asset management, organisations undoubtedly need to improve the quality, accuracy and timeliness of asset information. Relying on an annual audit – at best – is simply not good enough.

C’mon Baby Hear The Noise –How to Assemble the Essential Components of Certificate Management
by Calum MacLeod, Venafi’s EMEA Director
In part 2 of How to Assemble the Essential Components of Certificate Management, Venafi’s EMEA Director Calum MacLeod continues to examines how users can ensure CA preparation and better defend against security risks.

C’mon Baby Hear The Noise
by Calum MacLeod, Venafi’s EMEA Director
In part 1 of How to Assemble the Essential Components of Certificate Management, Venafi’s EMEA Director Calum MacLeod examines why the Certification Authorities are still playing fast and loose with our safety and outlines the key steps to safeguard your business from disaster.

What return can video offer a business?
by Ian Brownhill, Managing Director and Senior Consultant, BergHind Joseph
The internet age has made information a commodity and bred a new, savvier type of consumer who has access to a wealth of material.

Proactive or Reactive – Should That Be The Question?
by Paul Kenyon, COO of Avecto
Avecto examines the difference between proactive and reactive digital forensics and explains their contribution in the fight against malware and malicious activity.

From Identity and Access Solutions to Access Governance
by Mike Small CEng, FBCS, CITP
Over the past decade, there has been a tsunami of identity and access management technology. However, many organizations have not realised the benefits because they have taken a technology-led approach rather than one based on governance.

Organised Chaos
by Nick Patience, Director of Product Strategy at Recommind.
Nick Patience, Director of Product Strategy at Recommind, looks at the hype surrounding Big Data at how businesses should be employing the information.

Seven Strategies to Protect Customer Identities in a Work-at-Home Environment
by Marc Robinson, global director of product management, Sitel
Marc Robinson of Sitel offers seven strategies to be protect customer identities and confidential information when agents work from home:

The need for Special Source
by Daniel Ball, Director, Wax Digital
According to the Deloitte CFO Survey of January 2012, 70% of the UK’s CFOs expect to see corporate profit margins decline sharply after a period of strength. Inevitably, the ability to reduce operating costs is cited in the report as the major priority for large corporations.

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