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Opinion Pieces for Media and Marketing

Are businesses using the digital realm to its full potential to sell goods and services?
by Paul Kearney, Digital Services Director, ITG
Digital communications are rapidly evolving in almost every walk of life. From the boardroom to even the battlefield – I have experience of both - getting the right message out quickly and to the right audience, can often be the difference between winning and losing. Retail marketing is no exception. And with the economy as tough as it is, businesses who do not embrace the digital marketing realm to its maximum potential run the risk of being left behind.

Outsourcing For Grown Ups: Why You Should Invest In Professionalisation.
by Martyn Hart
When was the last time you heard someone - a child, a student, a young professional, someone wanting a career change – say that they wanted to become an outsourcer? Let me guess… never? Outsourcing is never short of column inches, is discussed in cabinet meetings, is seemingly permanently in the limelight, yet no-one grows up wanting to be an outsourcer. Outsourcing’s ascension to the status of accountancy, law, medicine – a proper, ‘professional’ profession – is long overdue.

Waiting for a Decision – The BSkyB and EDS litigation
by Micheal Swinson, Morrison and Foerster
The English High Court is expected soon to issue a ruling on a complex and long-running dispute arising out of an IT services contract between BSkyB and EDS. Micheal Swinson of Morrison and Foerster give a primer for the upcoming decision.