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Opinion Pieces for HR & Payroll

Outsourcing For Grown Ups: Why You Should Invest In Professionalisation.
by Martyn Hart
When was the last time you heard someone - a child, a student, a young professional, someone wanting a career change – say that they wanted to become an outsourcer? Let me guess… never? Outsourcing is never short of column inches, is discussed in cabinet meetings, is seemingly permanently in the limelight, yet no-one grows up wanting to be an outsourcer. Outsourcing’s ascension to the status of accountancy, law, medicine – a proper, ‘professional’ profession – is long overdue.

Choosing the right reasons for recruitment process outsourcing
by Helena Parry, Director at recruitment process outsourcing specialist, Ochre House
Over the past decade we’ve seen an increasing number of large organisations applying the concept of outsourcing to their human resources functions. And perhaps one of the most effective applications of the approach in this area has been in the allocation of the process driven aspects of recruitment to outside specialists.

Skills shortage looms for IT sector
by Edge Zarrella, Global Head IT Advisory Services, KPMG
A boom in IT services has been a defining characteristic of 21st century business. Talk abounds of outsourcing, offshoring and co-sourcing; all underpinned by a general acceptance that there is a near bottomless supply of talented young graduates, ready to provide the manpower which this growing sector depends on. However, all may not be what it seems. Contrary to popular belief, the world is now actually facing up to a shortage of people with the ICT (Information, Communication and Technology) skills required by modern businesses. As Edge Zarrella, Global Head of KPMG’s IT Advisory Services explains, this is shaping up to be a major headache for businesses across the globe.