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Opinion Pieces for Call centre

Should a business outsource its important reception function?
by Glenn Jackson, Managing Director of Moneypenny
Throughout the UK, companies remain under pressure to reduce costs without compromising on good customer service. But is the decision to save money by outsourcing a company’s reception a step too far? Glenn Jackson, Managing Director of Moneypenny, the UK’s leading telephone answering service, looks at whether companies and their clients can benefit from outsourcing this critical function.

How will the General Election impact on IT outsourcing services?
by Ferenc Szelenyi, managing director EMEA, Dell Perot Systems
As the UK General Election looms large, Ferenc Szelenyi assesses the role of IT in outsourcing for the public sector agenda.

Businesses need to pass the ‘trust test’ to stay competitive
by Philip Michell, Consulting Director, Vertex
Sharing data and insights represents a win-win for both customer and company – but only when there is trust between the two parties, says Philip Michell, Consulting Director at Vertex