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Opinion Pieces for BPO

Global trade shifts in Asia: Logistics challenges in Indonesia
by Claire Umney, General Manager, AEB (International) Ltd
Global trade is never at a standstill, and to stay competitive in today’s challenging markets with ever increasing consumer demands, all regions and industry sectors need to be on their toes at all times...

Strong cultural ties behind growth in outsourcing between Britain and Sri Lanka
by James Bruce, Outsourcing Consultant, Envoy Holdings
From its colonial history to its current outsourcing prowess, James Bruce takes a look at Sri Lanka's development as an offshoring destination, as well as how the country's long term ties with Britain have assisted in its impressive development.

Out with the new and in with the old?
by Robert Davies, Partner, and Laura Jamieson, Solicitor, at national law firm Dundas & Wilson
Cast your mind back to before 2006 and consider this question: when does TUPE apply upon a change of contractor in relation to outsourcing contracts, in other words before the service provision change (SPC) elements of the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006 (TUPE) were introduced?

How to choose an outsourced HR supplier
by Sharon Crooks, HR Services Director, plusHR
HR is rarely a priority for a business start-up. As an entrepreneur, the focus is getting your great idea off the ground and then building the company. While you may be a manageable two-man band today, your HR requirements will be small and occasional, but as you grow and recruit more people there will come a point when you need to bring in some more regular HR expertise to manage this growth effectively.

Outsource in the UK – better for the economy, better for the client
by Maxine Park, Director and co-founder of UK-based transcription service provider DictateNow.
Outsourcing business processes abroad remains popular, with the promise of huge cost savings still attracting many advocates. With the Government recently stating that rather than restricting outsourcing, it is to encourage service providers to set up delivery centres in the UK, perhaps now the scales are beginning to tip the UK's way.

Managing talent: getting the ingredients right
by Paul Tooth, General Manager of HR and Payroll at Sage UK
Paul Tooth, General Manager of HR and Payroll at Sage UK advises how people are the beating heart of business

Selecting Staff for Intercultural Teams
by By Jeff Toms, Marketing and Client Services Director, Farnham Castle
The successful international manager needs to have developed the competencies and personal attributes necessary to allow him or her to work effectively in an international and cross-cultural environment.

When is it right to outsource your Inside Sales?
by Johann Edward, CEO of EIMS
The Inside Sales team is usually kept in-house to ensure that there is a steady sales pipeline of well-qualified leads. This is particularly so in the technology sector because of scepticism that an outsourced team will be able to articulate a sophisticated value proposition.

Are businesses using the digital realm to its full potential to sell goods and services?
by Paul Kearney, Digital Services Director, ITG
Digital communications are rapidly evolving in almost every walk of life. From the boardroom to even the battlefield – I have experience of both - getting the right message out quickly and to the right audience, can often be the difference between winning and losing. Retail marketing is no exception. And with the economy as tough as it is, businesses who do not embrace the digital marketing realm to its maximum potential run the risk of being left behind.

Should a business outsource its important reception function?
by Glenn Jackson, Managing Director of Moneypenny
Throughout the UK, companies remain under pressure to reduce costs without compromising on good customer service. But is the decision to save money by outsourcing a company’s reception a step too far? Glenn Jackson, Managing Director of Moneypenny, the UK’s leading telephone answering service, looks at whether companies and their clients can benefit from outsourcing this critical function.

Eight best-in-class behaviours of high performance BPO
by Anoop Sagoo, BPO cross operating group lead, Accenture
As the business process outsourcing (BPO) market matures, buyers are expecting outcomes from BPO beyond just cost reduction. Next generation BPO buyers are demanding services providers bring industry expertise and insight, analytics and innovation to their engagements; adjust nimbly to shifting business directions; and drive better business outcomes. Accenture considers relationships that are achieving these exceptional results to be high performing.

Don’t Cloud the Business Issues
by Chris O’Malley, CEO, Nimsoft
The saying “Good fences make good neighbours” is very applicable to relationships with Cloud service providers. Clear demarcation of services, roles and responsibilities is vital to these relationships. The more that’s left to subjective opinion, conjecture and guesswork, the more likely it is that misunderstandings, mistakes and missed opportunities will result.

How to Achieve Innovation in Outsourcing
by Sanjiv Gossain, Senior Vice-President and Head of UK and Ireland Operations, Cognizant
In this age of globalisation, outsourcing has become integral to the way large multinational enterprises run their businesses. As the industry matures and the range of outsourcing services extends to higher value activities, client firms raise the bar regarding their expectations, seeking the delivery of high impact innovation from their vendors. Innovation is indeed a buzzword at the moment with Chief Innovation Officers considered key hires in an increasingly challenging market and with an ever more conspicuous discourse around innovation. In view of the volatility driven by the economy, new disruptive technologies, increasing government regulations, and continued globalisation of markets, driving innovation and building agility into businesses have become the key attributes of success.

Asset Discovery is Key to Understanding Business Risk
by Karen Conneely, Group Commercial Manager at Real Asset Management
Organisations know the value of Business Intelligence (BI) in monitoring sales performance, analysing the quality of manufacturing processes or customer service and tracking financial indicators. How many, however, are leveraging this technology to assess the corporate risk associated with the tough capital investment decisions now required across an organisation’s asset estate? With the economic outlook becoming more pessimistic by the moment, senior managers can be prone to rewriting investment strategies and business plans whilst under pressure to make rapid changes.

Why ITO is an Industry in transition post recession
by By Ferenc Szelenyi, vice president EMEA public sector services, Dell Services
Last year was not a great one for the IT outsourcing (ITO) sector, with growth slowing due to a confluence of factors that gave ITO service providers a serious body blow. Ferenc Szelenyi, vice president EMEA public sector services at Dell Services, discusses what buyers' need against the present economic backdrop.

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