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Opinion Pieces for BFSI

UK outsourcing to benefit from China stock market woes
by Tom Mulvaney, Managing Director, Networks First
After a rapid decline in China's rate of economic growth and value on the Chinese stock market, global growth will be weaker than expected for the foreseeable future. However, UK outsourcers and service providers alike could benefit - Tom Mulvaney explains how.

BI in Anti-Money Laundering: Making the Connection
by Simon Asplen-Taylor, Head of Banking and Capital Markets at IMGROUP.
The financial services industry is under an enormous amount of pressure from regulators at the moment and is finding itself getting fined on a regular basis for not having the correct Anti-Money Laundering (AML) controls in place.

Future of the Eurozone and What it Means for Banks
by Tony Virdi, VP and Head of Banking and Financial Services for the UK & Ireland, Cognizant
Tony Virdi, Head of Banking at Cognizant discuses three possible outcomes for the Eurozone as it emerges from the current crisis.

iPads and the Modern Banker - do the Benefits Outweigh the Challenges?
by Tony Virdi, Vice President of Cognizant’s Banking and Financial Services Practice, UK and Ireland
Given the current economic climate, there is a greater need for banks to grow revenues and provide better customer service. iPads, and other similar tablets, have the potential to transform banks’ working practices to become more collaborative and dynamic. Typically tablet users have greater access to information with better graphics and analytics to support decision making that can be built into a business process workflow....

Outsourcing For Grown Ups: Why You Should Invest In Professionalisation.
by Martyn Hart
When was the last time you heard someone - a child, a student, a young professional, someone wanting a career change – say that they wanted to become an outsourcer? Let me guess… never? Outsourcing is never short of column inches, is discussed in cabinet meetings, is seemingly permanently in the limelight, yet no-one grows up wanting to be an outsourcer. Outsourcing’s ascension to the status of accountancy, law, medicine – a proper, ‘professional’ profession – is long overdue.