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Opinion Pieces

Legal Process Outsourcing – a practical guide
by Paul Aggett, Chairman, Magellan Consultancy Services
It is now commonly accepted business practice to adopt outsourcing as a means of refocusing organisations on core matters, reducing non core operational risk, improving quality and staff morale and reducing cost. Although legal firms have been relatively slow on the uptake to date, the legal sector can take advantage of outsourcing and offshoring.

Outsourcing e-tail: the commercial and legal considerations
by Ian Sampson, Partner, Addleshaw Goddard Technology and Outsourcing group
Outsourcing of these functions is becoming increasingly common but it is important to consider the high level issues before e-commerce operations are contracted out, in order for the relationship to succeed.

Transformational outsourcing, intelligent outsourcing
by Sergey Karas, Vice-President, Luxoft
The nature of outsourcing deals is changing, with cost benefits falling in traditional outsourcing destinations, new locations are soaring to popularity by seeking to add real value to end-user business. Sergey Karas of Luxoft, explains how the world of transformational outsourcing is taking off.

Security in Outsourcing
by Ivan Gavrilyuk, CIO, Luxoft
Data security in outsourcing arrangements has long been an issue that troubles many in the financial community. There are no easy solutions to data security, and it is only by being extremely thorough that firms can ensure that data is kept safe from fraud and theft.

Nearshore - Challenging the Offshore Advantage
by Dmitry Loschinin, President and CEO, Luxoft
Whilst the trend towards offshoring has led the way in the global outsourcing industry for a number of years, offshoring locations such as India and China are now finally seeing a dent taken out of their global advantage. Whilst in the early years of outsourcing India was the dominant offshoring location for the UK, due to language capabilities, graduate workforce and the wage differential, there is now a significant trend towards nearshoring.

Investment in Customer Relationship Management - How to gain the competitive edge
by Sergey Karas, Vice President Luxoft
Struggling against increasingly fickle consumer behaviour, investment companies continue to seek the Holy Grail of customer loyalty – trying to find the balance of cross selling the right products to customers and tying them in to longer term relationships. Sergey Karas of Luxoft gives advice on this increasingly complex area.

Offshoring Development – Testing the Water
by Adam Ripley, Managing Director, IS Integration
Companies the UK over have been flocking in their droves to offshore processes such as IT services provision, call centre work and HR administration. From India to China, the Philippines to Mauritius, it seems that every country in the developing world has an offshoring proposition to tempt UK and European countries to engage with foreign suppliers. Offshore software development is another area that is taking off. Rather than resourcing a development capability in house, or outsourcing it to a local supplier, more and more IT houses, attracted by considerable cost savings are turning to offshore suppliers for their development requirements.

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