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Opinion Pieces

DPO hits the outsourcing mainstream
by Richard Thompson, Managing Director, Pitney Bowes Management Services
The true cost of business communications encompasses more then just production. Richard Thompson, Managing Director, Pitney Bowes Management Services, outlines how Document Process Outsourcing is enabling business to reap significant savings from the hidden costs surrounding this critical business function.

Legal process outsourcing (LPO): when to, where to, how to
by Rob Stichbury, CPA
Legal process outsourcing is a growing area of outsourcing, for many intellectual property (IP) -based businesses in partiuclar. Rob Stichbury of CPA (Computer Patent Annuities) examines the options.

Best practice in offshore data security
by Jed Mooney, MD of Datahold
Best practice in offshore data security is not that difficult to achieve, says Jed Mooney. And his advice on how to achieve it suggests that onshore, public sector data security in the UK is woefully inadequate.

Outsourcing in the pharmaceuticals sector: the pros and cons
by Marty Boom, WCI Consulting Ltd
Is it plain foolishness, stubbornness, the fear factor, or all three that make pharma companies ignore the benefits that outsourcing can bring? Intense scrutiny and regulatory pressures mean that a culture of extreme caution has developed when it comes to new ways of working, says Marty Boom of business intelligence consultancy WCI Consulting Limited.

When two tribes go to war: Successful mediation in outsourcing
by Paul Cornelisse
How to effectively resolve sourcing issues and conflicts through the art of mediation, by Paul Cornelisse, principal consultant EquaTerra incorporating Morgan Chambers, the Netherlands.

Resolving Disputes in Outsourcing
by Mark Amsden, National Head of IT Disputes Group, Addleshaw Goddard
Outsourcing disputes cost a great deal of time and money and are generally a loss maker for all concerned. It isn’t only cost – it can also seriously damage reputations. Brand damage and loss of shareholder confidence can arise from the perception that organisations are unable to handle outsourcing arrangements effectively.

Agile methodology - bringing flexibility to IT
by Sergey Karas, Vice-President, Luxoft
Agile development is an exciting new development methodology taking the ITO industry by storm. Throwing off the shackles of the waterfall method, Sergey Karas, Luxoft, explains why agile's inherent flexibility can deliver great results for some companies.

The Big Questions: March 2008
by Chris Middleton and Nick Mayes.
Nick Mayes is senior consultant at Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC) (, a leading European market research and strategic consulting firm for the IT and software services industries. Nick shares his views in this month's Big Questions, posed by Chris Middleton, on offshoring, skills, and remote infrastructure management.

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