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Opinion Pieces

Global trade shifts in Asia: Logistics challenges in Indonesia
by Claire Umney, General Manager, AEB (International) Ltd
Global trade is never at a standstill, and to stay competitive in today’s challenging markets with ever increasing consumer demands, all regions and industry sectors need to be on their toes at all times...

UK outsourcing to benefit from China stock market woes
by Tom Mulvaney, Managing Director, Networks First
After a rapid decline in China's rate of economic growth and value on the Chinese stock market, global growth will be weaker than expected for the foreseeable future. However, UK outsourcers and service providers alike could benefit - Tom Mulvaney explains how.

Strong cultural ties behind growth in outsourcing between Britain and Sri Lanka
by James Bruce, Outsourcing Consultant, Envoy Holdings
From its colonial history to its current outsourcing prowess, James Bruce takes a look at Sri Lanka's development as an offshoring destination, as well as how the country's long term ties with Britain have assisted in its impressive development.

Firewalls: Defending against the covert, the complex and the continuous
by Daljit Paul, Head of Services, Networks First
As cyber security becomes recognised as a prominent issue in outsourcing that has been repeatedly overly ignored, Daljit explains the benefits of outsourcing online security operations to a third party specialist. Firewalls are the perfect example of challenges faced by today's in-house IT teams, often overlooked and frequently neglected.

Post-MMR Rain Check
by David Tweedy, Market Relations Director at Target Group
David joined Target Group in 2014, taking up the newly created role of Market Relations Director. Here he draws on his 25 years of experience in mortgages and retail banking to advise on how companies should act post-MMR and how outsourcing can be advantageous to them.

The Impact of Technology on the Future of Outsourcing?
by Derek Parlour, Director, DJA Business Solutions
Derek Parlour is the author of 'Successful Outsourcing and Multi-Sourcing', formerly a Commercial Director at National Rail Enquiries and currently Director of DJA Business Solutions. Here he shares his insight on how technology will impact on the future of outsourcing.

Prevent a Procurement Nightmare: Don’t Lose Millions Because of Bad Supplier Information
by Jakki Geiger, Senior Director, MDM Solutions Marketing, Informatica
What’s the official company name for Coke? It’s not Coca Cola or Coke Corporation. It’s The Coca-Cola Company. Why does this matter? Inaccurate, inconsistent and disconnected supplier information or vendor information could be wreaking havoc on your supplier spend-management and supplier risk- management goals and costing you millions.

Make global sourcing work for you
by Liz Samandi, Managing Director of global sourcing company Darian
Liz Samandi of sourcing company Darian looks at how global sourcing can help British industry on the road to recovery.

Should your business implement a digital mailroom?
by Christina Bowe from Perceptive Software
Christina Bowe from Perceptive Software discusses the myths and benefits behind this approach

A contract made in two places at once?
by Tim Wright, London Managing Partner, and Tania Williams, Counsel, at global law firm Pillsbury
An exclusive jurisdiction clause in an agreement states where a dispute may be resolved, should one arise. However, in the absence of such a clause, the High Court of England and Wales has recently decided that a contract can, in principle, be made in two separate jurisdictions at the same time. In this situation, either party to the agreement could seek to enforce the contract in its home jurisdiction.

Optimising ERP and BPM systems: “Process Templates”
by Nithya Ramkumar
Given the clear business benefits the right IT system can offer, businesses are keen to make technology investments to improve business process design and performance. Investments in expensive ERPs and latest BPM suites have been quick in driving innovation at a ‘process level'. But it has often sacrificed the effectiveness and agility required to adapt to changing business needs. Despite heavy technology spends, process limitations can hold back organisations from reaching their desired business outcomes.

Will 2014 be the year of the Hosted Desktop?
by Joseph Blass, CEO,
Last month Amazon Web Services announced it was entering the Hosted Desktop market to compete with other multi-national players including Citrix, VMWare and soon Microsoft, who is working on its own DaaS solution.

Ensuring your cloud is sound
by David Sturges, Chief Operating Officer,
New research published this week by SecureData, an independent IT security service provider entitled: Are you being served? How can Security as a Service serve you? highlights that 78% of IT managers in UK companies claim that a lack of trust in security is the biggest barrier to the adoption of cloud technologies. For managers in large businesses, (more than 3,000 employees) this figure rises to 82%.

Out with the new and in with the old?
by Robert Davies, Partner, and Laura Jamieson, Solicitor, at national law firm Dundas & Wilson
Cast your mind back to before 2006 and consider this question: when does TUPE apply upon a change of contractor in relation to outsourcing contracts, in other words before the service provision change (SPC) elements of the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006 (TUPE) were introduced?

How to choose an outsourced HR supplier
by Sharon Crooks, HR Services Director, plusHR
HR is rarely a priority for a business start-up. As an entrepreneur, the focus is getting your great idea off the ground and then building the company. While you may be a manageable two-man band today, your HR requirements will be small and occasional, but as you grow and recruit more people there will come a point when you need to bring in some more regular HR expertise to manage this growth effectively.

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