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Taylor Review Arrives

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Taylor Review into employment has arrived and brings with it a myriad of suggestions for the future regulation and classification of work. The review calls for an end to the cash in hand economy which could be costing the government £100’s of millions by introducing a payments system through platforms such as credit cards, contactless payments and PayPal. The review has been said not to go far enough by opposition MP’s and unions who call for greater worker protection. The recommendations and agenda of the review appear to be an attempt to mould the gig economy into the old structures of employment that have existed for decades, creating unrealistic expectations for change. If you demand more security, pay and/or employment will fall, it’s the flexibility of the gig economy that has made it popular. The government needs to rebuild its ancient architecture of defining and regulating work, not try to change the world to fit it to what the pre-existing structures.

Full story here.

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