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NOA announces plans to “rid the public sector of outsourcing failure”

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

At a time when an unprecedented number of government organisations are choosing outsourcing to improve services and help deal with cuts to funding, the National Outsourcing Association (NOA) is launching a campaign to continuously drive improvements in public sector outsourcing, with a programme comprising of:

• A free-to-attend Public Sector Day conference (including free outsourcing training)

• Free access to the NOA’s Outsourcing Life Cycle Model, tailored for public sector use

• Free access to the NOA’s Maturity Index, analysing an organisation’s outsourcing maturity

• An “Outsourcing Works in the Public Sector” supplement detailing the best public sector case studies

• A series of public sector special interest groups

• Corporate accreditation for public sector organisations

The NOA has developed a huge body of outsourcing best practice resources over the past decade. This body of work has now been tailored for public sector use and will be made widely available to public sector organisations.

Kerry Hallard, CEO of the NOA, commented: “We’re fed up with all of the negative media coverage public sector outsourcing has been receiving recently: Cornwall County Council, the NHS and the Ministry of Justice have all been subject to it. As the industry association promoting best practice in outsourcing, it’s always very disappointing to see examples of outsourcing failing in such a manner, especially knowing the benefits outsourcing can deliver when properly implemented and overseen.

“The NOA is here to help rid the public sector of such failures – we’re doing everything we can to support our public sector and ensure it gets the utmost from its outsourcing. Our Public Sector Day will also celebrate the most successful cases of public sector outsourcing in recent years, highlighting the accomplishments so that other government departments and organisations can achieve the same. By embracing the full programme following the event, public sector organisations will be shown how to permanently embed best practice across all of their outsourcing contracts.”

The campaign begins on Monday 25th April with the launch of the NOA’s inaugural Public Sector Day, a one-day conference where representatives from public sector organisations will be shown what future trends and technologies will transform the way that they work, share best practice on how to better manage outsourcing relationships, and see how outsourcing can help to deliver public services in a more cost-effective manner.

The event is free to attend for all buyers of outsourcing and aimed particularly at those in the public sector. It features free outsourcing training workshops led by NOA specialists, demonstrating the latest best practice in outsourcing governance and relationship management.

Find out more about the NOA’s Public Sector Day.

Read the full release.

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