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Call for U.S outsourcing visa rules to be cleared up

Monday, September 09, 2013

The Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security has recommended improvement to the U.S L-1 visa program in order to reduce problems relating to offshore outsourcing.

A report from the Inspector General called for the clarification of rules in the L-1 visa program, which is necessary in order to reduce fraud and the abuse of loopholes.

The report detailed that the main users of the L-1 Visa program where Indian based outsourcers like Tata Consultancy Services and Cognizant.

The IEEE-USA (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) have also called for visa reform. IEEE-USA President Marc Apter, said “Outsourcers have come to dominate the L-1 visa program” and that the Inspector General’s report, “documents the increasing concerns that we have been hearing from our members that this sensible program for international managers and specialists has become a tool for shipping American jobs overseas”.

The recommendations made by the Department of Homeland Security have been agreed with by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service which is expected to introduce new guidance to visa adjudicators.

While the impact of visa clarification to U.S. offshore outsourcing is unlikely to significantly impact a lucrative economic industry between the U.S. and locations such as India, the report highlights the level of visa requests by the industry and fears within the U.S. regarding the level of offshore outsourcing. 

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