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The Reinvention of Xerox and What It Means for Outsourcing
by Kerry Hallard, CEO at National Outsourcing Association
Xerox has undergone an impressive transformation over the past several decades. During its 77 years of business, the company has expanded from a manufacturer of printing equipment into a corporate leader spanning a number of industries. What’s more, in terms of strategy, attitude and culture, Xerox has become the epitome of what it means to be a great outsourcer.

August reveals extent of global economic slowdown
August was a month of economic gloom, with reports of slowdown in China and increased instability in Europe. Rising expectations of Greece’s expulsion from the Eurozone and difficulties arising in Spain have further compounded economic uncertainties.

Of outsourcing and pensions…
by Francinia Protti-Alvarez
A couple of days ago, the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) renewed its pay and pensions outsourcing contract with Logica, a £10m deal.Similarly, reports suggest that UK-based Diligenta, the insurance and pension outsourcing unit of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), has been approached by two prospective clients for outsourcing contracts worth more than £100 million each. Meanwhile, Boots announced its decision to outsource part of its pension scheme, a trend that according to some experts has been increasingly prevalent during the last 12 months.