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News Analysis for Cloud Computing

How Bitcoin Could Improve Crowdsourced Outsourcing
by Jeremy Coward
Crowdsourcing is sometimes hailed as outsourcing modernised for the 21st century. In theory, crowdsourcing should offer companies more flexibility, less overhead costs, and plenty of healthy competition which will boost outsourcee productivity. However, those perks come hand-in-hand with some less appealing aspects...

It’s Shared Services week in the public sector
Five councils have reported savings or expected future savings of millions during this week.

Don’t let your business lose out during the London 2012 Olympics
by David Sturges, CEO of WorkPlaceLive
The 100 day countdown to the London 2012 Olympics Games has started. With 10.8 million tickets on sale and an estimated population influx of up to three million people in London travelling at peak times – transport disruptions, public disorder, road closures or staff absences are likely to impact businesses this summer.

Avoiding the hullabaloo surrounding cloud strategy
by Todd Barr, CMO at Alfresco, open source social ECM provider.
With all the hullabaloo about cloud floating around in the content management world, here’s a handy tool to help you evaluate your ECM vendor's cloud strategy, to see if it fits what you are looking for.