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Nearshoring – almost like at home
by Anna Nowicka, International Business Development Manager, JCommerce
Due to the increasing demand for IT professionals in virtually all sectors of the economy, and also to the deficiencies in local labour markets, the outsourcing of IT services through the nearshore model is growing in popularity. However, companies often hesitate before deciding to utilize outsourcing in the scope of body and team leasing with foreign companies, fearing the associated risks. The way to overcome these fears is to find a business partner who is experienced in the implementation of outsourcing projects to jointly develop an effective model for project management. Also important when it comes to cooperation is to ensure an effective onboarding process for incoming employees at the client’s company.

Nearshoring – the good and the bad
by Bartosz Zaleski, JCommerce
The development of information technology is one of the strongest drivers in the acceleration of the globalized world economy. For business, borders are disappearing; gaps in the local labour market can be made up by specialists available in other parts of the world. For professionals it’s much the same – huge demand for specialist knowledge and skills opens up broad possibilities for cooperation with employers from all over the world. Besides the obvious benefits and advantages resulting from this state of affairs, there are also areas of risk, and consequently, more or less justified fears. Does hiring specialists from outside the company, even working remotely from a completely different country, lead to a loss of control of the teams and processes within the company?

Upcoming EU banking and financial legislation and its impact over LPO development
by Zlatina Ruseva-Savova, Partner & Vesselin Boianov, Partner, First LPO Europe
Zlatina is managing partner at First LPO Europe, a secure LPO provider located in the EU, delivering first-class quality work with multilingual capabilities. Here she advises on how upcoming EU banking legislation is likely to impact on LPO development in Southeast Europe.

Knowledge Knowhow in Outsourcing
The knowledge knowhow in outsourcing focused on effective knowledge management, transfer and retention to ensure Outsourcing Works

The sourcing crystal ball
by asks what 2010 will bring the outsourcing industry?