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Case Studies for Retail & Consumer

Outsourcing Yearbook 2012— Brimming with Best Practice Case Studies
Packed with case studies on NOA Award winning projects and free to download instantly...
End-User: Various

Northgate HR and DC Leisure Management
An outsourced HR solution means that DC Leisure Management now has a smooth-running HR function, with processes in place to manage everything from the complicated administration of employing large numbers of staff on a temporary basis, to guiding the company through a major restructure and site closures.
Supplier:Northgate HR
End-User: DC Leisure Management

Thomas Cook & Morgan Chambers
Morgan Chambers developed a ground breaking deal that saw the Shared Service Centre of Thomas Cook move to India and in doing so delivered major and sustainable cost savings, as well as retaining and building on the cost savings made by the company's first outsourcing deal (signed in 2001).
Supplier:Morgan Chambers
End-User: Thomas Cook

British Airways and Banctec
British Airways (BA), one of the world’s largest and most successful airlines, receives around 150,000 flight coupons from around the world, which require processing. Considerable cost savings have been achieved through rationalisation of the billing process and streamlining of the organisation.
End-User: British Airways