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Case Studies for Manufacturing & Construction

IT Strategy supports manufacturers growth
Waterstons provides IT hardware, systems and a new IT Strategy exercise to leading manufacturer Elddis.
End-User: Elddis

Outsourcing- a great strategy, but with greater risks of corruption?
Business risk expert John Burbidge-King highlights the impact of anti-bribery legislation on companies involved in outsourcing.
Supplier:John Burbidge-King, CEO of Interchange Solutions

Outsourcing Yearbook 2012— Brimming with Best Practice Case Studies
Packed with case studies on NOA Award winning projects and free to download instantly...
End-User: Various

Wadaro and Patni
Wadaro is a technology start up, based in Daresbury on the outskirts of Manchester. It has developed the telecommunications industry’s first SIM-based embedded software that enables network operators to understand how terminals – particularly mobile phones - and also networks – are performing by geographic location in real time. In a mature market such as telecoms, innovation in back office systems and diagnostics is rare, yet a new player has entered the market and developed a solution that offers network operators valuable information about the performance of their network to help them ensure the quality of their service. Wadaro has achieved this by innovation through outsourcing, teaming up with global sourcing provider Patni to develop a powerful proposition.
End-User: Patni