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Case Studies for BPO

BGL Fusion
Through its partnership with eg, Fusion developed a solution to help manage its back office, and also support the “blending” of short-cycle ‘one & done’ tasks from the back office, into the contact centre.
Supplier:BGL Fusion.

Collinson Group Case Study
With 500 employees split over 15 different payrolls, The Collinson Group needed a flexible solution to reduce the financial and administrative burden this caused.
Supplier:EARNIE IQ
End-User: The Collinson Group

Outsourcing Governance
Outsourcing as an industry is mature, yet clients worldwide are still struggling to effectively manage their outsourcing agreements.
ISG-Outsourcing Governance.pdf

The State of Benefits Management
Organisations across both the private and public sectors are failing to properly monitor whether the anticipated benefits from projects and programmes are actually achieved, according to a new survey by leading change and project management consultancy myProteus.

Outsourcing Yearbook 2012— Brimming with Best Practice Case Studies
Packed with case studies on NOA Award winning projects and free to download instantly...
End-User: Various

Jacada, Capita and the BBC
In the spirit of continued process improvement and seeking out opportunities to improve the customer experience while reducing service costs, Capita set upon a project to further simplify and automate customer service processes for the BBC Licensing Division. It turned to Jacada for help.
End-User: Capita and The BBC Licensing Division

British Transport Police and LPM Outsourcing
Many of the UK’s public sector operations now face regular performance reviews and are required to examine their internal procedures and seek new ways of improving efficiencies and performance levels. An integral element of many such change initiatives is a review of their sources of funding, and this was central to the re-structure of the British Transport Police (BTP) when, in 2004, it became a separate entity and financially independent from the Strategic Rail Authority (SRA). The BTP outsourced accounts receivable to LPM outsourcing improving cash flow, collection levels and avoided penalties from the Department of Transport.
Supplier:LPM Outsourcing
End-User: British Transport Police

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