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Case Studies for BFSI

Santander Case Study
In 2008, Santander Bank UK considered moving from an in-house operation to an outsourced arrangement.
End-User: Santander

Automated Payments Center for the City of Lviv Utility Services
Case Study for developing a City Payments Centre in Liviv Ukraine.
End-User: The Liviv City Council Ukraine

Perspective Outsourcing Proves Its Value
PRGX outlines the financial power of recovery audit as an outsource essential.

Outsourcing Yearbook 2012— Brimming with Best Practice Case Studies
Packed with case studies on NOA Award winning projects and free to download instantly...
End-User: Various

Martin Brokers and Oncore IT
Martin Brokers is the world’s longest standing wholesale broking firm in the financial markets and is headquartered in the City of London. Its customers are typically financial institutions such as banks, pension funds, hedge funds and insurance companies. Martin Brokers provides international access to the best rates for a range of financial products, such as long and short term financing, commercial paper, certificates of deposit, forward foreign exchange, bonds, medium term notes, private placements and derivatives. These all rely on the company’s IT setup to provide robust and always-on access to continually shifting market data.
Supplier:Oncore IT
End-User: Martin Brokers