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Case Studies

Cheshire County Council
All of Cheshire County Council's activities – ranging from education and highways to social services, libraries and civil protection – are enabled or supported in some way by IT. The Council is the largest employer in the county, with a workforce of 23,000, all of whom need to be supported by efficient systems if they are to carry out their jobs effectively. Cheshire County Council spends almost £1 billion each year in providing more than 80% of the local authority services in the county and it naturally wants to ensure best value in the delivery of those services.
Supplier:a&o systems
End-User: Cheshire County Council

International payroll doesn’t have to be taxing
Companies with personnel based in countries around the globe often find that paying staff can be fraught with difficulties when it comes to issues regarding international taxes and employment law. This has led to an increase in the number of multi-national organisations that are now choosing to outsource the payroll function to specialist agencies at a low cost and for less hassle.

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