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Thursday, July 24, 2014
NOA Calls for United Industry Response on the Ethics Question
by Kerry Hallard, CEO, National Outsourcing Association
We Brits are an ethical bunch: a recent study by McCann Truth points out that UK consumers are more much likely to consider the behind-the-scenes ethics of a product than our global counterparts. According to the “Truth about Shopping” survey, two-thirds of us take a keen interest, compared to the global average of 50% …yet we face a stark reality of numerous corporate scandals: Horsemeat. Prawns. Bangladeshi factories. Tax and Transfer Pricing. Accounting discrepancies. Prisoner electronic tagging. BNP Paribas’ “complex and pervasive scheme to illegally move billions through the US financial system,” which according to US Attorney General Eric Holder "deliberately and repeatedly violated longstanding US sanctions.”

Friday, July 11, 2014
Outsourcing supports good lending
by David Tweedy, market relations director at Target Group
Over the past seven years, the financial services industry has experienced significant change and upheaval. Despite this, one constant has remained; the use of outsourcing. So with all the transformation and turmoil, why is it that lender’s still favour outsourcing?