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Thursday, May 29, 2014
Open Book Accountability trumps Open Book Accounting every time
by Kerry Hallard, CEO, National Outsourcing Association
The future’s bright, the future’s…transparent. It appears that the government is about to open the books on its outsourcing deals, with the CBI’s Head of Public Services Jim Bligh telling Public Finance of Whitehall’s desire to ‘move very far forward’ on transparency by introducing ‘open book accounting’ on contractors’ costs, charges and profit margins. Personally, I’d like to see it go way beyond open book accounting and move to a progressive culture of ‘open book accountability.’

Outsourcers must learn how to maintain productivity as their business grows
by Alex Allan, COO at Corporate Modelling, the workforce management technology provider
The UK news is filled with optimistic headlines regarding the economy and jobs at the moment. However, the truth is that productivity is still falling behind and in terms of output per worker, UK productivity is still well behind the average in the G7 leading industrialised nations.

Serving up practical advice ahead of the provision of free school meals for under 8s
by Karen Grewcock, head of category food and catering, ESPO
A lack of catering staff, not enough dining room space and sourcing enough ingredients to triple the number of meals served per day are just some of the concerns currently facing headteachers as they look at how they’re going to make best use of increased budgets to provide free school meals for the under 8s this year .