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Monday, March 31, 2014
How to pick a partner
by Josie Cluer, public sector lead at Moorhouse,
The public sector is increasingly asking more of the outsourcing industry: not only is it outsourcing the “front office” as well as the “back office”, it is demanding greater savings, more service transformation, and more innovative delivery models. In response, many outsourcers are forming relationships with other organisations – to form consortia, joint ventures, or partnerships – in order to bid for government contracts together.

Friday, March 21, 2014
Is your workforce serving end customers to the best of their ability?
by Alex Allan, COO at Corporate Modelling, the outsourcing technology provider
As we enter what we are all hoping is a period of steady economic recovery, the focus of many companies has shifted from survival to growth. Businesses have now reverted to an emphasis on growth and the notion of establishing a sustainable model that will deliver positive results in the long term.

Thursday, March 13, 2014
Stethoscope. Scalpel. Scorecard.
by Kerry Hallard, CEO, National Outsourcing Association
Does NHS have the toolkit to manage outsourcing? By July 2014, we could see private sector providers step up from the back office and deliver some of the NHS’ most important and sensitive front line services.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014
Outsourcing, shared services and the 50:50 gamble
by Jonathan Cooper-Bagnall, head of shared services & outsourcing at PA Consulting Group and sourcing expert Simon Tennant
Many organisations are adopting shared services because they want better support services for their businesses. But there’s a big variation in what they achieve when they take this step. All start out with high expectations – but only 50 per cent secure the benefits they hoped for. The other 50 per cent are disappointed.

The Case for Outsourcing Security
by John Roddy, CEO of The Shield Group,
This blog looks at the emerging challenges and benefits that are now facing those outsourcing in the security sector

Thursday, March 06, 2014
All Change On The Eastern Front?
by Kerry Hallard, CEO, National Outsourcing Association
Vladimir Putin’s distaste for the people of Ukraine wanting to ‘play the field,’ trade-wise and have closer connections to the E.U, has led to a return to extremely sensitive Russian/Ukrainian relations that is currently being played out on the global diplomatic stage. But what will this mean for the outsourcing industry?

The State of Relations in Outsourcing
by George Davies, CEO, MooD International
Through our State of Relations in Outsourcing report we wanted to get to the heart of the issues affecting the relationship between clients and suppliers.