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BBVA Switches to Google’s Range of Enterprise Software

Collaborative working has gained a lot of corporate interest in recent years. The drivers are compelling: improved business communications and workforce productivity.

However, this adoption is not limited to the multi-nationals. We have seen an increasing interest from small to medium sized companies in collaboration tools that not only give them integrated communications services but also capabilities to connect with partners and customers externally.

For example, Microsoft SharePoint has made it onto the radar of many SMEs with its ability to manage work flows and create web sites / portals that link to the rest of the supply chain. With Microsoft Lync available on mobile (and desktop) devices, instant communications are sleeker and easier than ever.

What cloud does here is that it accelerates the adoption of these great technologies even faster! Imagine how much time and resources it takes to roll out these applications to thousands of users across a number of different locations? With cloud, the shift to more collaborative working can be rapid.

Is there any caveat? Of course! While these technologies offer attractive functionalities and serve the purpose of workforce collaboration, there is always question around how they are integrated with the rest of the applications. Employees nowadays are also looking for more integrated experiences from their IT versus having to switch between different applications, for instance email, for something that serve the same purpose

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