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GSA Launches Independent Automation User Group

The GSA UK is today launching an industry wide Automation User Group to look at Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) beyond the hype to focus on how organisations can create an automation Centre of Excellence. The GSA will run a series of user groups across the UK, driven by major buyers, with a focus on how organisations can harness the incredible opportunities automation can offer through correct implementation.

The Automation User Group will be an opportunity to learn from those who have successfully implemented RPA and AI programs and hear the challenges and obstacles they faced when trying to make automation work for them. The GSA UK’s aim is for the independent meetings to help the Association’s members streamline the implementation process and steer participants away from the potential pitfalls of embracing the technology through the development of best practice guides and a repository of case studies.

The Automation User Group has been initiated by the Global Sourcing Association’s buy-side members, who want a forum to stop the hype and share the reality of automation in practice. Already, firms including Zurich, Direct Line, the NHS, Aviva and KPMG have registered membership for the group. This is an independent initiative and the GSA is inviting buyers, service providers and advisors in order to create a vibrant platform for guidance, support and two-way communication. 

Kerry Hallard, CEO of the GSA UK said “So much hype surrounds automation that it is becoming difficult to tell fact from fiction. By offering an Automation User Group to our members we are going to cut through the embellishment and hyperbole to get the real story on RPA and AI implementation. We know that there are great benefits to be had from implementing automation but they are not as easy to achieve as the hype would make people believe.”

“Our Automation User Group will unify the industry in its understanding of automation in implementation and practice. By sharing insights through the GSA, organisations can get to grips with automation and really benefit from this disruption to business. The GSA has an independent role in these workshops, acting as a facilitator, bringing members together and creating unity on the issue. It’s encouraging to see our buy-side members taking the initiative to push for action on Automation and its role in modern organisations.”

The GSA UK has organised initial meetings of its User Group in Leeds on the 30th March, London on the 21st June and later in Manchester and Dublin as part of an ongoing programme of activity “Automation in Practice”, a key part of the GSA’s Transformational Roadmap. The topic of
automation will remain central to the GSA UK’s current programme with future events and thought provoking debates centred around the automation transformation.

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