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Brexit News Round-Up

French President, Francois Hollande, has warned Britain that it will not get its own way in the coming negotiations over Brexit. Last week saw the pound plunge after it became clearer that a ‘Hard Brexit’ (the process by which Britain leaves the tariff free union so as to avoid open immigration and EU laws) was more likely after Mrs May, the Prime Minister, gave hints of Brexit plans at the conservative conference. It is likely that Brussels will set a tough stance against the UK, although many continental elections could see the landscape change as negotiations commence.

Good news for Mr Fox, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states are looking to forge closer ties with the UK post Brexit according to City A.M. Sadly, thanks to EU treaty, any trade deals cannot be negotiated prior to leaving the Union so it could be years before any deal gets organised, and worse, according to the Economist, some in Brussels are considering legal action if the UK gets too close to any deals.

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